GFWC The California Federation of Women’s Clubs De Anza District
The California Federation of Women’s Clubs (CFWC) was organized in January 1900 and in May, became the 37th state to join the GFWC and is currently the largest State Federation in GFWC with almost 13,000 members.  The Riverside Woman's Club is the oldest club still in existence in De Anza District, organizing in 1896 and Federating with the state in 1900. The De Anza District clubs have supported many causes including local libraries, high school and college scholarships,  women’s rights and children’s issues, conservation and support to military families  as our members’ contribute volunteer service to our local communities. We invite you to join your local club. Become part of the volunteer spirit that is so integral to CFWC/CFWC. You will discover a diverse group of women of all ages, active in their community; enjoying the volunteer spirit and lifelong  friendships.
2nd Vice President/ Membership Chairman Alison Eccleston
Rewards from Membership Membership in any organization is made up of individuals all striving to accomplish a goal. GFWC is an organization with many goals and we all work hard in that quest, positive feedback from our efforts is the reward we all receive. In everything you do you have to be prepared. For me that is accomplished by being a list writer! My list is always with me. The lists help me to remember things that I need to do or things I want to remember. I feel it helps me be more organized and I don’t have to keep it all in my brain (that feels overloaded at times.) I feel so good when I can cross things off my list, it gives me a since of accomplishment. I never really finish the entire list; I just add those undone tasks or items to another list on a clean page. I saw a quote recently that hit me. It stated. "Only you have the power to change your life." I truly believe that. We all have the power to make a change in our own life. After just celebrating the GFWC Federation Day, our GFWC Birthday, this quote is so true. I thought about how this organization has changed my life. I have chosen to belong to an organization that has many ways to change each of us. We just need to pick how it is going to happen. We all get overwhelmed; we choose to say Yes or we get involved in activities that tire us. We need to take time to rest. I am so glad I chose to serve alongside some of the most amazing women that have decided to change their lives by giving back to others. We all have choices, every day, it is up to us. I was looking for something, and I am so glad GFWC chose me. It continues to change my life. I encourage you to reach out to someone today, introduce them to GFWC, it will change their life and yours. Yours in Federation, Earlene